Discover The Best Apps To Organize Your Finances

Knowing the importance of carrying out this control of expenses and the difficulty of people in carrying out the financial organization, we will talk a little about it. As well as, we will give application tips to organize finances. You’ll learn everything about spending control, as well as knowing which apps are best for it.

Expense control application: reasons to control your expenses and carry out financial organization


First of all, the main reason for spending control is the security that it passes. As mentioned, in times of financial difficulties like the current one, having money saved for emergencies and needs that may arise gives you a feeling of protection and makes you live more peacefully.


In addition, through financial organization, it is possible to have a forecast of future expenses. This allows you to be able to plan to go on a trip or make a more expensive purchase, for example. This forecast also allows you to plan long-term goals, as you will always have an idea of ​​how much money you can save for future events.


As seen, debts are a serious problem that affects many Pakis. If you carry out spending control, it is practically impossible to get into debt, which allows for a more balanced financial life. In addition, you prevent some of your services from being cut off due to non-payment. Like, for example, light and water, which prevents you from having unnecessary headaches.

When starting the financial organization, you are faced with several futile expenses that only hinder your economic freedom. With spending control, it is possible to get rid of this and better invest the money that was poorly used.


Finally, with exacerbated capitalism, it is common to become extremely attached to material things that, in addition to having an economic value greater than sentimental, are often not useful and were bought just for emotion. By adopting spending control, you learn to let go of material objects that had little meaning. And, consequently, learn to give more importance to the simple things in life, such as moments spent with loved ones and self-knowledge.

Expense control application: how does a financial organization application work?

As mentioned, an excellent way, if not the best, to be able to carry out financial organization and expense control is by using a financial organization application. With that in mind, we will explain how this tool works.

Expense control application: benefits of financial organization applications

The application is the best way to control expenses and financial organization, mainly due to its practicality. People are often too lazy to create spreadsheets and notes to visualize their earnings and expenses. However, as the cell phone is always at hand, it is easy to take notes and follow up on commercial transactions.

With this method of financial organization, you can instantly track how much and what your expenses were. This is due to the fact that this tool provides a momentary update of economic transactions, which allows for better control of expenses. With this, it is possible to have immediate knowledge of how much you can still spend so as not to be in a tight spot at the end of the month.

Currently, people have several tasks to be carried out and there is little time left to manage their financial organization. However, this does not have to be an obstacle, the applications are there precisely to speed up this consulting process and make all this follow-up work something practical and efficient.

Expense control app: best financial organization apps


Organizze is an excellent application for those looking to carry out financial organization manually. Because, in it you need to write how much you earn and what are the transactions carried out. In addition to being able to keep track of what was purchased, it is possible to generate expense reports that facilitate your expense control. All this through a platform with easy handling.

2. Pocket Guide

Guia Bolso is ideal for anyone who wants to take less work when it comes to controlling expenses and financial organization. This is because it synchronizes with bank accounts and eliminates the need to make notes manually, facilitating the supervision of operations carried out. This application also has the CPF query and loan analysis.

3. Furniture

In Mobilis, you also enter expenses manually, but it has a better way of financial organization. You can put your goal, such as savings or paying off debts. It also has several features such as spreadsheets, reporting, creating goals and an alarm for the due date of the invoice, which facilitates your control of expenses.

4. My savings

“My savings” joins the applications that synchronize with bank accounts. Like this:

  • creating spreadsheets;
  • installment registration;
  • and due date reminder.

Its differential is being able, based on what you earn, to predict future values. This, without a doubt, facilitates the creation of goals.

5. CoinKeeper

Different from others, CoinKeeper is a paid finance organization app. However, it is an excellent tool for cost control. Well, it has a system of:

  • colors;
  • division;
  • as well as specifying the types of expenses;
  • and the possibility to write down the day you spent.

Thus, providing an understanding of which moment of the month you end up having more expenses. In addition, the application allows you to control small and large expenses. Currently, it is only available for IOS.


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