With the evolution of technology, notes in notebooks or spreadsheets in Excel were left behind and gave way to finance management applications.

There are several applications for financial organization, but you must understand that each one has its own particularity and you can choose the one that best fits your daily life and your needs.

First, before you choose, you need to understand how a finance app can help you, without feeling like you’re wasting your time in any way.

After all, when we look for control and organization alternatives, we want to optimize our time and leave everything written down so that we can check whenever necessary, and also so that we can predict what awaits us at the end of the month.

Having good financial planning is not always easy. Organizing each household and family account can sometimes take time that we don’t have. However, there are resources that make your life much easier when it comes to doing this financial control.

The two resources that we will list below for you are incredible and can help you to have a better relationship with your money, thus avoiding going through trouble or losing financial control.

When you have everything organized, you have more clarity to make momentary decisions and decisions that could influence your life financially in the future. As well as having more clarity and objectivity to work with goals.

And this is possible without spending so much time or money, in a practical way and you don’t even need to be an expert in finance or economics to be able to organize everything. And the best: you can always have this control in your hands.

Check below the options that we brought you in this article and their main features.


The Organizze finance manager has its web version and also provides the application for iOS and Android.

At first it’s free, but it has a more complete version for R$8 a month, including the possibility to manage your credit cards, set goals and dreams and receive notifications of bills to be paid.

It works well as a way to replace those spreadsheets in Excel, with more basic and manual features, and a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Among its main features are:

Inclusion of categories;
Account control;
Goals, you can define how much you can spend in each category;
Accounts payable alerts;
Charts and reports;
Possibility of bank reconciliation;
Card control;
Manual version, your finances are managed manually by you.
In addition, it has an interesting feature: if you receive automatic text messages from the bank after making a purchase, Organizze sends a notification asking if you would like to register the expense in the application, with a caption already configured with the name of the place where it occurred the purchase.

My Savings

The Minhas Economies application , on the other hand, being an excellent resource for controlling expenses and income, has only one plan that is completely free. Among the main features are:

  • Financial planning;
    Charts and reports.
    Possibility to register unlimited accounts;
    Categorization of expenses and income;
    Synchronization for web, iOS and Android, so you always have your financial control at hand;
    Financial objective, that is, plan and dream using the financial manager;
    It has offline use;
    Simple and easy interface to use and register data and financial information;
    Reminders of accounts payable.

You can import files to keep all your data together in one place.
Finally, it does not have synchronization with bank applications, but it does have a function that allows you to import the bank statement.
With all these resources you can make a financial plan so that you can predict future balances and also future expenses.

You manage to have a better relationship with your money and start to recognize where it is going and how you are using your savings. As well as what needs to be improved to make that dream come true without so much effort.

Another special feature of the application is that you frequently receive news and tips to stay informed about financial education. Plus an amazing investment guide.

It is available in a super complete web version, and app for iOS and Android version and completely free. That is, it is suitable for those who want simplicity, in a very complete application and without having to spend money to control their personal finances and their family’s finances.

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