Savings: understand where to start!

Savings is a new term, but it has a very old concept, which is saving money to increase equity and have more financial security . With the emergence of Savetechs , The term became evident and has attracted the attention of many people.

The truth is that to start in the world of investments and take a step further in organizing finances, you need to know how to save your money . Below, we’ll explain in detail how this concept works and what you need to know to get started.

Let’s go?

Do you know what savings is?

Savings is the act of saving money to protect and increase your equity . It’s a practice that’s been around for a long time, you’ve probably heard of people who keep money in investments, savings and even mattresses!

In any case, savings is the act of saving thinking about the next 10, 20, 30 years or more , it is a practice aimed at the long term. Therefore, those who start a savings account have future goals, such as retiring more comfortably, paying for their children’s college, buying a property, having assets, among others.

Why is savings important?

You know that saying that “from grain to grain the chicken fills the crop”? Savings is basically that, you save little by little to build a rich heritage. As difficult as it may seem to maintain discipline and achieve certain financial goals , the act of saving money brings many benefits . See some of them below:

Financial stability

The first benefit is financial stability . Everyone wants to live with more tranquility and less worries. Saving money provides these benefits because you know your wealth is protected and growing as you save more money and invest it properly.

realization of dreams

Another great benefit of savings is the realization of dreams . After all, one of the goals we most want to achieve when building equity is the realization of our dreams. By saving money, increasing your assets and achieving your financial stability, you have the opportunity to buy a property, travel to another country, buy a new car, among other desires.

family safety

And we cannot forget family security , which is another very interesting benefit of savings. By saving money, it is possible to increase equity and protect family finances. That way, there is a greater guarantee that you will have the money you need to live a comfortable life.

Where to start?

To help you take the first step towards savings, we’ve brought you some tips to protect and increase your assets . Each of them is described in further detail below:

Organize your income and expenses

Start by organizing your income and expenses for the month . It is essential to have this control to understand how much money comes in and how much money is spent. This will allow you to discover the amount left over in the month, which expenses can be avoided and, finally, how much you can save monthly to maintain your goal of saving money.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

Another tip is to avoid unnecessary expenses . If you want to save money, evaluate all expenses incurred and define what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Everything that can be cut can add up to the amount you will save for the month.

And by unnecessary expenses we are referring to everything that is not planned and that can be avoided, such as ordering food by app all the time, going out to dinner almost every day, paying for services that you do not use, among others.

Save part of your income

Now it’s time to save the amount saved throughout the month. Save part of your income to meet your goal of accumulating assets. It is important that you define how much will be saved monthly based on your budget. And of course, if you have more money left over, consider increasing the amount you keep.


But standing still money is not the best way to protect and increase your equity. One needs to invest that amount in safe options. Investment is the same as thinking about the future, so look for long-term options that will yield a good amount in 10, 20 or 30 years. Remember, time makes a lot of difference when choosing your investment.

Why is investing the best option for savings?

Well, now that you know how to start your savings, understand that investing is the best option because it allows you to protect your assets against inflation . Leaving your money in savings is the same as losing purchase value, as inflation causes it to devalue.

In addition, investing generates many benefits , such as increasing your equity, protection against financial crises, with diversification between various asset options, etc.

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